Island Lake

The 41 Peg Island lake is a real hidden gem, a truly unique lake where you just don’t know what your next bite will be! 

Famed for both it’s Carp & Silverfish stocks when your float goes under your tip pulls around you could be connected to a double-figure Carp, a 10lb Bream, a 6lb Tench, a 2lb Perch, in fact, a whole host of species of various sizes could be the culprit. 

The lake is packed with features including overhanging trees, reed packed margins and two islands making every swim different. 

All 41 of the Swims on this lake have been constructed with maximum angler comfort in mind with many of the swims suitable for disabled anglers. Suited to both pole and rod & line anglers, nearly every method of angling can work including pole, float, lingering and even surface fishing. 

With its good mixed stocks of Carp, Tench & Silvers bites can be guaranteed all year round. Don’t forget for all your Bait and Tackle needs visit the Cabin.


Island Lake & Woodland Pond

  • £10.00

    Day Ticket 1 rod

  • £12.00

    Day Ticket 2 rods

  • £25.00

    24 Hours 2 rods

  • £3.00 Each

    Day Guest

  • £5.00 per 24 hours Each

    24 Hours Guests

    £5.00 per 24 hours Each

Island Lake Rules

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