Specimen 1 Lake -  (Rules Below)

This well-established tree and reed-lined Lake is 6.5 acres in size with depths of up to 10 feet. There are 23 swims on the Lake comprising of single and double swims. 

Fishing is from two banks only, West (Roadside) and East (Riverside) 

A whole host of ‘Carpy’ features can be found in and around the swims including overhanging trees, reed beds and bays, the weed-free bottom consists of gravel patches, clay and bloodworm rich silt patches. 

A recent development has been the construction of a reed lining spit which protrudes approximately 20 meters from the north bank, this has given the angler another feature to fish to.  The Lake holds a large head of stunning hard fighting Carp, of which approximately half are Mirrors, the rest are a mix of Commons and a few Ghost Carp.  These Carp range 15 to 30lb, with several 30lb plus fish, the lake record is 40lb 4oz. 

In 2011 an additional 160 fast-growing Carp between 8 and 16lb were stocked into the lake to improve year-round catch rates and to back up existing stocks for the future, these are predicted to grow 3 to 4lbs a year. 

The additional stocking has had the desired effect with anglers now rarely failing to catch yet still having the chance of a proper ‘lump’ Winter fishing is also popular on this Lake with some spectacular results. 

To keep the fish in tip-top condition a top quality food boilie has been developed especially for the venue.  This is regularly fed into the Lakes and is a favourite with many regulars. A lower protein version is used in the winter.  Both baits are available from the cabin when required. 

A Membership scheme is run on Specimen 1 Lake which ensures all anglers fishing the Lake have met the correct equipment and standards to catch and care for the fish suitably (See below) Don’t forget for all your Bait and Tackle needs visit the Cabin. All Day, Night and Memberships are available from the Cabin upon arrival.

Specimen 1 Rules

1. All anglers and visitors must report to the cabin to purchase Day or Night tickets before setting up. 
2. No barbed hooks, barbless hooks only. No microbarbs, no crushing of barbed hooks allowed, anglers found to be using barbed hooks will be banned for life. No excuses. 
3. Anglers must not leave rubbish or litter, rubbish must not be discarded over fencing or in vegetation, within the car parks. Do not leave rubbish on the entrance road or under the bridge, there is CCTV leaving rubbish is an instant ban. 
4. Do not discard fishing line, it is dangerous to wildlife. 
5. No fires or barbecues. 
6. Do not cut back vegetation of damaged trees only fish from the designated swims provided. 
7. All children under 15 must be accounted for and accompanied at all times while on site. 
8. No Dogs 
9. Alcohol is allowed in moderation, anyone found to be over a sensible level will be asked to leave and may incur a ban. 
10. No wading or swimming. 
11. Do not take fish from the fishery, it’s a criminal offence. Do not move fish from lake to lake, all of our large fish are microchipped and photographed, we will call the police and prosecute. 
12. All anglers are to have a valid rod licence or licences. 
13. No rods are to be left unattended at any time. 
14. No knifes with blades longer than 75mm are allowed on these premises. Guns are banned and not allowed. 
15 No high power lights to be shone across the lakes. 

1. Landing net minimum size 42 inches with a handle 
2. Unhooking mat of at least 36 inches long, beanie or preferably a cradle. No flat mats unless 75mm thick. 
3. Carp medic kit must be used after unhooking. 
4. No mainline braid except for marker or spod rods. Hook lengths allowed. Lead cone and leaders allowed. 
5. If night fishing you must have a head torch. 
6. All shelters i.e. bivvy, brollies, must be green, camo or brown. No tents, no children's tents and no pop up tents allowed. 
7. Bait boats are allowed, respect the fish and other anglers, half way rule applies. 

1. Carp sacks or keep nets 
2. Guns or offensive weapons, a knife with a blad longer than 75mm (3 inches) is an offensive weapon (Essex Police) 
3. No barbed, micro barbed or crushed barbed hooks. 
4. Must not wear high vis work jackets. 

1. No barbed, micro barbed or crushed barbed hooks. 
2. All fish to be returned to the lake using a sling or net, do not carry fish by hand. 
3. No fish to be held above knee height, all fish are to be held above unhooking mats or cradles at all times. 
4. No fixed rigs, inline or clips only No barbed, micro barbed or crushed barbed hooks. 

1. No tiger nuts, no mixed particles containing nuts. 
2. No vitalin, particles allowed but must be cooked properly. 

1. No Pike fishing allowed . 

Cuton Lakes Ltd accepts no liability what so ever for any personal injury, loss or damage to any property how so ever caused. 
It is your duty as a member to report anyone blatantly breaking these rules, any one acting in a suspicious manner must be reported. Call 07958 336691. 

The rules & charges are subject to change without prior notice. E & OE
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